Discussion Groups

Saturday – Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm

F05 Teaching Math as a Journey of Exploration
Birte Vestergaard
Creating a classroom environment where students feel safe to fail, save to ask questions and safe to share their ideas. How this safety makes it possible to turn the differences of academic levels among students into valuable teaching resources. On this basis: How math be teached as a journey of exploration, using discovery sheets, that make the students discover mathematical laws themselves working in small groups? How to create own discovery sheets.

F03 Media Use in the Classroom (bilingual)
Ulrike Sievers, Robert Neumann
Analog and digital media can be used effectively in upper school lessons to expand one's own repertoire of methods. In the forum, we want to present some methods that can be implemented in all lessons without much effort.

F06 What is the Actual Relationship of Waldorf Education to Anthroposophy and What Could it Be?
Martyn Rawson