C01   Physics in Grade 12: Optics
Florian Schulz  |  Saturday – Thursday, 8 – 9.30 am
From study of the formation of shadows to image formation with lenses
Concepts of waves and photons: a critical approach to modern concepts of light. Simple determination of wavelength
How to deal with colours: The physiology of colour vision and the technology of additive and subtractive colour mixing. Spectra of different light sources: lightbulb, fluorescent bulb, LED-lights

F01   Context-based Approaches to the Atom for Physicists and Chemists
Dirk Rohde, Wilfried Sommer  |  Saturday – Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm
If a mere 3rd-person-perspective approach reduces the experience to atoms and molecules, and assigns to localized systems the power to make appearances appear, to bring forth experiences, and to control them, where is the starting point for an alternative? How can the environment become centered in a localized system, because it is constructed appropriately? The interrelation between substance and form as a framework.


C16   Mathematics: Curves of Points and Curves of Lines
Thomas Neukirchner  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 2.45 – 4.15 pm
We will consider a curve not only as being »made up of points« but also as being »made up of lines«.
How can we calculate the curve of tangent lines from a given point curve and vice-versa?
The usual concepts of calculus and their dual counterparts will be discussed.

C20   Mathematics: The Calculus Main Lesson Block
Birte Vestergaard   |  Saturday – Wednesday, 4.45 – 6.15 pm
The seminar will show a way to teach the calculus main lesson block as a journey of exploration.
Discovery Sheets and how they can be used.
Didactic perspectives of the main lesson block and how it relates to the age specific development of the students.

F04   Teaching Math as a Journey of Exploration
Birte Vestergard  |  Saturday – Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm
Creating the classroom as a »safe-room« for the students, where it is safe to fail, safe to ask and safe for them to bring in their ideas.
How the differences of academic levels among the students can become a resource for teaching.
How to create own discovery sheets.

Computer Science (bilingual)

S08 / C08   IT-Technology: Cryptology
Norbert Harz, Robert Neumann | Saturday - Wednesday, 11.30 am – 1 pm | Thursday, 9.45 – 11 am
- Cryptology from antiquity to current methods
- From the simplest methods of steganography and cryptography to the latest public key methods
- A possible course through the history of cryptology up to the present day is presented on the basis of proven examples from teaching practice.