Discussion Groups

Saturday – Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm

F01   Context-based Approaches to the Atom for Physicists and Chemists
Dirk Rohde, Wilfried Sommer
If a mere 3rd-person-perspective approach reduces the experience to atoms and molecules, and assigns to localized systems the power to make appearances appear, to bring forth experiences, and to control them, where is the starting point for an alternative?
How can the environment become centered in a localized system, because it is constructed appropriately?
The interrelation between substance and form as a framework.

F04   Teaching Maths as a Journey of Exploration
Birte Vestergard
Creating the classroom as a »safe-room« for the students, where it is safe to fail, safe to ask and safe for them to bring in their ideas.
How the differences of academic levels among the students can become a resource for teaching.
How to create own discovery sheets.

F07   Media Use in the Classroom (bilingual)
Ulrike Sievers, Robert Neumann
Analog and digital media can be used effectively in upper school lessons to expand one's own repertoire of methods. In the forum, we want to present some methods that can be implemented in all lessons without much effort.

F09   An Introduction to Working with Anthroposophy
Peter Lutzker
No previous knowledge necessary, but experience also welcome.