C18   Biology I: Evolution as a Developmental Process
Craig Holdrege  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 2.45 – 4.15 pm
- Foundations and challenges of evolutionary thinking; phenomena and theories
- Fossils and ancestors: conceptual hurdles; development in the present (ontogeny) as a basis for understanding evolutionary development
- Hominid evolution (fossil history; internalization and emancipation as evolutionary trends; the human being in evolutionary perspective)

C21   Biology II: Continuation of course C18
Craig Holdrege  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 4.45 – 6.15 pm


C04   Chemistry I: Biochemistry of Living Beings and Its Technological Use
Dirk Rohde  |  Saturday – Thursday, 8 – 9.30 am
- The step from the non-living into the living and then back into the non-living realm: photosynthesis, protein biosynthesis, mineral oil and products made out of it
- Proteins as the very first and most important organic substances, and their twofold nature: mass substances (muscles e.g.) and process substances (enzymes)
- Development of an experimental approach, including invention of structural formula and student experiments; common work on shared examples of best practice; how to include long-time experiments into a main lesson block
This seminar consists of two parts. Please sign in also for course C06.

C06   Chemistry II: Chemical Exercises
Dirk Rohde  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 11.30 am – 1 pm  |  Thursday, 9.45 – 11 am
Experiments related to the main course will be carried out that are suitable for teacher demonstrations and/or which can be done by students.
Please bring your own lab coat! It is highly recommended to participate in course C04 since this practical course is mainly a continuation.

F01   Context-based Approaches to the Atom for Physicists and Chemists
Dirk Rohde, Wilfried Sommer  |  Saturday – Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30 pm
If a mere 3rd-person-perspective approach reduces the experience to atoms and molecules, and assigns to localized systems the power to make appearances appear, to bring forth experiences, and to control them, where is the starting point for an alternative? How can the environment become centered in a localized system, because it is constructed appropriately? The interrelation between substance and form as a framework.

Geography (bilingual)

S05 / C05   Geography I: The Great Transformation in Our Global Age
Gunter Keller  |  Saturday – Thursday, 8 – 9.30 am
General Topics:
Description of the biographical situation of 12 graders
The ability of judgement
Working on a multi-perspective understanding
The concept of Social Three-Folding as a tool
Geography: Globalization and Mega-Cities
We develop an understanding of our global age. Therefore we look at different dimensions such as nature, economy, politics, culture and the individual.
The Great Transformation: Transformation towards a sustainable future

S07 / C07   Geography II
Gunter Keller  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 11.30 am – 1 pm  |  Thursday, 9.45 – 11 am
Continuation of course S05 / C05