Artistic Workshops (bilingual)

Saturday – Wednesday 11.30 am - 1 pm / Thursday 9.45 am - 11 am

Please note that the continuation of the subject related didactic seminars in Chemistry, Geography and Computer Science will take place in parallel to these courses.

S10 / C10 Creative Writing
Ulrike Sievers
Through various exercises will serve as an invitation to get into contact with yourself, discover the flow of your own creative sources and enjoy inventing and formulating a kaleidoscope of stories, poems and other texts. We will also do some movement together. You can write in your own mother tongue.

S11 / C11 Eurythmy
Beate Spehr-Bechinger
In working on a piano piece we will increase our sensitivity and expressiveness.
Exercises to vitalise and harmonise
Please bring eurythmy shoes and comfortable clothes!

S14 / C14   Painting
Johannes Renzenbrink
In class 12, these questions can be raised:
Are there criteria for pure, non-objective painting?
And how can transitions be created back to the concrete, the natural real?
What potential is hidden in the so-called abstract for the representation of the natural concrete?
Through a playful, experimental process and courageous approaches to painting, we want to deal with these questions in a very creative way.