C02   History: Overview of History and Understanding the Present
Ágnes Balassa, Marcus Osterrieder  |  Saturday – Thursday, 8 – 9.30 am
Markus Osterrieder will give an introduction to basic themes of world history in the 20th century: Nationalism and Internationalism; the Quest for Cultural Identity; Revolutions and Emancipations; Geopolitics (Geography and Economical Imperialism); the Rise of the Machine and of Artificial Intelligence.     
The seminar will give an understanding of the pedagogical approach to class 12 History lessons presented by Agnes Balassa. We will focus on how to deliver topics of the present and the 20th century, and their connection to the past by triggering inspiring questions and awakening the activity of the pupils. We will experience different learning methods (projects, individual, group, artistic activities, etc.) and will try to create a main lesson plan.This course is suggested not only for history teachers but to anyone who is willing to apply these skills and techniques in their lessons or who simply is interested in a social science approach to class 12.

S23 / C23    Multiple Perspectives in History Teaching (bilingual):
Global History and Current Challenges

Ágnes Balassa, Markus Osterrieder, M. Michael Zech  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 4.45 – 6.15 pm
- A cultural history of the Anthropocene (The changes in the relationship between Man and Nature)
- The aspects of cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity, and decolonialism for the designing of lessons
- Contributions from 10 countries


S03 / C03   Comparative Studies in Literature in Grade 12 (bilingual)
Rita Schumacher, Stella Ottewill  |  Saturday – Thursday, 8 – 9.30 am
- World literature - Engaging with this multilayered notion between identity and otherness
- Aspects of the theme: Cultural hybrid experiences, issues of a traditional canon and questions of Euro-centricity (post-colonial literature)
- Teaching methods (how to shape a world literature block, the role of narrative, student participation with presentations, working with the whole text or excerpts)

C17   Literature: Wide Reading – Methods for Working with Texts in Class 12
Stella Ottewill  |  Saturday – Wednesday, 2.45 – 4.15 pm
This seminar will look at a variety of texts which have proved rich for Class 12 students (including prose, poetry and film), considering how these texts might be opened up to deeper understanding through close-reading of language and themes, and how understanding of themes can find further nuance when several texts are placed in conversation with one another.
Information will be given on contemporary context, and reader response will be discussed in order to explore both the relevance of texts in their own time and how the reader’s experience affects the way stories are received.
Woven into the work there will be space given to discuss how specific texts, as well as ideas and approaches, meet and inspire Class 12 students and enable them to explore some of the complex concepts that have risen to consciousness in the past two centuries.